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Welcome to Direct Marketing Lists!
Direct Marketing List provides targeted lists of customers allowing you to do direct mailings and telemarketing as well as Opt-in Email marketing and fax marketing campaigns. We help you target demographic groups and customer base for direct marketing.
Here's what to do...
  • Learn how target marketing works and what marketing methods are available.
  • Use our convenient on-line "Count Request Form" to submit the details of your requests, and get quotes to obtain lists on customer bases and demographic groups.
  • Do you have the Data? Browse our Data Card selection and either download Data Card information or contact us to obtain a copy of a Specific Data Card.
  • Take advantage of Direct Marketing Lists Mortgage Data area! Learn how you can get information on Basic/Premium Mortgage leads. You can also download our "Lender File" containing all the information, including National Risk Score information.
We are here to help make any of your marketing campaigns achieve higher success rates, lower customer acquisition costs and get the best return on investment(ROI) for your marketing budget.
More Profit In The Information Age...Starts With The Best Data Available!
Count Requests
Submit the goals and details of your marketing campaign and we will provide you a quote to obtain the information you need.

Target Marketing
To learn more about "target-marketing" and what methods are available. Learn how you can get a FREE marketing kit!

Data Cards
Browse our Data Card Selection and get important information specific groups to make your marketing campaign more succesful.